Table TennisLondon's Middlesex Table Tennis Club

Table Tennis Club Memberships, Drop-in Options & Lesson Fees


1 year: $250, 6 months: $185, 3 months: $100, 1 month: $40

Non-member Drop-in

1 evening/day: $10

Lessons / Coaching

We have certified table tennis coaches and possibly the lowest coaching fees in Ontario. We are planning on raising these in the near future so get some skills under your belt now and save.

Private table tennis lesson with a certified coach: $25/hour
Group lessons: $40/person for four group lessons. That's $10 per lesson per person!

Special Group Hours

Special group hours: 3 hours a week for 3 months at $800. Suggested group size is 15 or so to split the cost to $17.78 a month per person or roughly $4 for each three hour session.

Birthday Parties / Christmas Parties / Corporate Events

Table tennis birthday party: $250 for 3 hours. Limit 18 people. No liquor.
Non-Profit event: Depends on duration, date & number of people. No liquor.
Christmas party: Depends on duration, date & number of people. No liquor.
Corporate ping pong event: $300 for 3 hours. Limit 24 people. No liquor.